Project Description


This New Solderless LED Strip to Wire Pitbull Snap Connector is for connecting the LED Strip and wires together.

The Flame-retardant PC housing makes the connection very tight and extremely durable.

No needed soldering or wire stripping, save time and cost for LED Lighting installation.


Model No. Color Details
LSC-12-05 Clear/Black 5mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-12-08 Clear/Black 8mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-12-10 Clear/Black 10mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-12-10G Clear/Black 10mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color,240LEDs
LSC-12-10D Clear/Black 10mm width, 3 Contacts, Dual Color
LSC-12-10RGB Clear/Black 10mm width, 4 Contacts, RGB
LSC-12-12RGBW Clear/Black 12mm width, 5 Contacts, RGBW
LSC-12-12RGBWG Clear/Black 12mm width, 5 Contacts, RGBW,240LEDs