Project Description


This New Solderless Click Tight LED Strip Connector is for connecting two LED Strips together.

No soldering is needed.

The clear housing can avoid dark spots, so make sure the LED strip lighting is clear and unobstructed.


Model No. Color Details
LSC-11-05 Clear/Black 5mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-11-08 Clear/Black 8mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-11-10 Clear/Black 10mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color
LSC-11-10G Clear/Black 10mm width, 2 Contacts, Single Color,240LEDs
LSC-11-10D Clear/Black 10mm width, 3 Contacts, Dual Color
LSC-11-10RGB Clear/Black 10mm width, 4 Contacts, RGB
LSC-11-12RGBW Clear/Black 12mm width, 5 Contacts, RGBW
LSC-11-12RGBWG Clear/Black 12mm width, 5 Contacts, RGBW,240LEDs