Plug in Terminal Block Connector

Plug in Terminal Block Connector

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This Plug in Terminal Block Connector is with Male + Female Connector design,  the screw nuts can easily lock the wires,  which can make the Luminaire Disconnect or pull apart very safely and conveniently.

It is ideal for LED lighting fixture installation.


Model No. Contracts Rated Voltage Rated Current Wire Gauge Details
TB-250-V M2.6 × 5.4  450V 6A  <2.5mm2 2,3,12 Poles
TB-250-P M2.6 × 5.4   450V  6A  <2.5mm2 2,3,12 Poles
TB-260-V M3.5 × 7.2   450V  10A  <4mm2 2,3,12 Poles
TB-260-P M3.5 × 7.2   450V  10A  <4mm2 2,3,12 Poles

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